World Scale
Distributed Computing Platform

It is a distributed computing network where excess computing resources are connected peer-to-peer and used as if they were a single GPU machine.
The ecosystem is designed by managing computing resource providers and users are connected world wide.


Integrating your GPU into the ecosystem

By reviving and connecting your previously owned GPU machines that have not been operational until now, we can increase availability, and constantly secure versatile and customizable distributed computing resources, accelerating the use of AI around the world.


Participate in NODE and get EMETH tokens. Let's revive the non-operating GPU into the ecosystem with a fair distribution by PoW.

Our Vision

Emeth's vision is to improve the fluidity of computing resources and to create fair and transparent computing resources. This enables more people to utilize computational resources and generate new value. Emeth aims to enhance the information processing capacity of the entire society by realizing these visions.

Our Mission

"Solving Computational Resource Shortage": Emeth provides a large amount of computational resources required for big data analysis and artificial intelligence development. As a result, users can perform large-scale computational processing without running out of their own resources. In addition, Emeth's system enables efficient use of resources and significantly reduces the cost of computational processing.

EMETH Platform

Emeth is a distributed computing platform that has introduced an innovative system that awards digital tokens to users according to the value of the computational processing they provide.
This system fairly evaluates the actions of users and stimulates the provision of more computational processing by offering rewards.
As a result, the platform can achieve sustainable growth and activation, opening up new possibilities.

The Structure of Emeth

Distributed privacy-preserving computation:Data Privacy Protection

Emeth is focusing on protecting privacy, such as personal information and content data, by adopting distributed stealth computing. With this technology, encrypted learning data can be divided and allocated to multiple nodes. Each node performs deep learning using the data while it remains encrypted, forming a temporary cluster.

Hybrid Parallelism

The final point of our roadmap is a hybrid parallel that combines the above two methods.
By subdividing the learning material while simultaneously distributing the processing steps, efficient use of computational resources becomes possible.
The final aggregated machine learning model is the optimal model that balances processing time and result accuracy.



Windows Node


Ubuntu Node


Portable Node

Participate in NODE and acquire EMETH tokens.
Let's revive the non-operating GPU in the ecosystem with a fair distribution by PoW.


Introduction of the Emeth project, and technical overview. Also, some esixting use cases and future potential projects around the Emeth ecosystem. The background of the Emeth platform and infrastructure needs, demanded by the upcoming computing resource shortage on the research field.
Article List
Information on the innovation phase of the “Alt Emeth” distributed computing infrastructure.
This phase is the next step after the semi-open phase and is positioned as the initial adjustment phase after the start of operation. Applications from the general public are welcome and encouraged to participate.